About the Blog:

I’m a Christian with a heart for sharing God’s love. I mainly work with young people (youth and college age) since my husband is a Student Pastor, and that pretty much consumes our lives. My goal with this blog is simply to share the lessons/devotionals that God puts on my heart and other thoughts, books, etc. that I have found beneficial to my walk with God. Thank you for taking the time to read. Please feel free to share any of the content that you find here.

A Little More About Me:


My husband is an amazing photographer who took this picture himself.

I am married to my best friend. I was a middle school language arts and remedial reading teacher for ten years, but am currently studying to become a sign language interpreter. In addition to helping my husband with the Student Ministry at our church and blogging, I enjoy teaching a sign language class and running a tutoring program at our church. I am a huge Sci-fi nerd, board game junkie, and grandma hobby-ist (crochet, knitting, cross-stitching) who frequents coffee shops way more than is healthy and believes life is better when socks are colorful and fun. I love reading, but mainly do so through Audible, because I also love to binge Netflix. Parks and Rec, The Office, Gilmore Girls, Doctor Who, How I Met Your Mother, Grey’s Anatomy, Firefly, and The Big Bang Theory are just a few of my favorite shows. I could seriously talk about any of them all day. I’m a huge Potterhead and am not ashamed to admit that I also love Twilight (books and movies). My husband and I live in Albuquerque with our two Beagles, Bella and Theo who are not at all spoiled.


bella and theo in car

Our pups after a long day of driving from Kentucky to New Mexico when we first moved to Albuquerque.

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